The Center for Abused Persons (CAP) is a private non-profit agency dedicated to reducing the prevalence and impact of interpersonal violence within Charles County. CAP offers a broad range of services that aim to support adults and adolescents affected by intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and/or childhood sexual abuse. Services include 24-hour crisis hotline, individual counseling, victim advocacy, support groups, abuse intervention programming, and community education.


Annette Gilbert-Jackson, Executive Director

M. Theresa Hamilton, LCSW-C, Clinical Director

Shay Clark, MSW, Counselor

Unequa Helton, LMSW, Counselor, Co-AIP Facilitator

Erica Rosa, Community Outreach Specialist 

Nichole Horstkamp, Victim Advocate & Outreach Coordinator

A'lyce Bowman, Hotline Supervisor & Volunteer Coordinator

Amber Farmer, Hotline Counselor

Kara Chisley, Hotline Counselor​

Sikesa Proctor, Hotline Counselor

Destiny Thomas, Hotline Counselor

Yndia Coates, Hotline Counselor & Co-AIP Facilitator


The Board of Directors is always looking for individuals willing to lend their expertise with strategic planning, fundraising, raising community awareness, and the criminal-legal system. If you're interested in joining our board, please contact Annette Gilbert-Jackson at 301-645-8994.

2020 Board Members:

Nicole Daniels, President

Roz Manley, Vice-President/President-Elect

Mikaela Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer

Neal Bankenstein

Michelle Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Brannaman

Jason Carlson

Garcia Dixon

John Lewis

Diane Robinson

Yolanda Stennett

Leonard Thomas

Crisis Hotline:

24-Hour Support


Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM


Schedules vary. Call for details.

Hours of Operation
Contact Us

Crisis Hotline:


Administrative Lines:

301-645-8994 or 301-843-1110

Fax: 301-645-8342

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