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Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM


Schedules vary. Call for details.

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Crisis Hotline:


Administrative Lines:

301-645-8994 or 301-843-1110

Fax: 301-645-8342

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The Center for Abused Persons (CAP) is a private non-profit agency dedicated to reducing the prevalence and impact of interpersonal violence within Charles County. CAP offers a broad range of services that aim to support adults and adolescents affected by intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and/or childhood sexual abuse. Services include 24-hour crisis hotline, individual counseling, victim advocacy, support groups, abuse intervention programming, and community education.


Annette Gilbert-Jackson, Executive Director

M. Theresa Hamilton, MSW, LCSW-C, Clinical Director

Rebecca C.L. Marvin, MAC, LGPC, Counselor & AIP Facilitator

Yndia Coates, MSW, Counselor & AIP Facilitator

Unequa Helton, MSW, Counselor

Olivia Burgess, Community Outreach Specialist 

Nichole Horstkamp, Victim Advocate & Outreach Coordinator

A'lyce Bowman, Hotline Supervisor & Volunteer Coordinator

Charity Paul, Community Educator & Hotline Counselor

Jeannie Riley, Hotline Counselor

Jennifer Garner, Hotline Counselor

Imani Taylor, Hotline Counselor

Diane Winbush, Hotline Counselor

Alejandro Reid, AIP Facilitator


The Board of Directors is always looking for individuals willing to lend their expertise with strategic planning, fundraising, raising community awareness, and the criminal-legal system. If you're interested in joining our board, please contact Annette Gilbert-Jackson at 301-645-8994.

2018 Board Members:

Michelle Bradford, President

Garcia Buckley, Vice President

Stephen Salvas, Secretary/Treasurer

Nicole Daniels

Diane Richardson

Leonard Thomas

Neal Bankenstein

Jillian Short 

Kelly Beswick