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The Center for Abused Persons' (CAP) Abuse Intervention Program (AIP) is a state-certified, 26-week group opportunity for people who have perpetrated intimate partner violence. AIP uses a combination of education, skill building, reflective conversation, and positive reinforcement to elicit lasting behavioral change. Although most of the people involved in AIP are referred by the local court system, voluntary participants are encouraged to join!


AIP was designed with two basic beliefs in mind. First and foremost is the belief that any form of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse within an intimate relationship is unacceptable and creates devastating consequences to both the abuser and the victim. Second is the belief that most abusive people do not recognize their behavior and would change it if given support and taught substitute behaviors. AIP provides the information and counseling abusive people need to change destructive ways of relating to the most important people in their lives.


Every prospective AIP client is required to attend a one-hour intake appointment with a CAP counselor. Follow up appointments may be necessary. The cost of the intake assessment (including any follow ups) is $40. Payment and court paperwork (if applicable) are required at the start of the appointment. Missed appointments are $40 each.

During the intake, the counselor will ask questions to gain a clear picture of the client's background and current situation. Some intake topics include history of abusive and/or criminal behavior, alcohol and drug use, and prior counseling experience.


AIP group sessions involve a combination of instruction and discussion among participants. AIP curriculum covers three main topics: anger management, empathy, and communication skills. By the end of the 26-week program, participants will have the skills they need to accurately identify their anger triggers, manage anger, express care and compassion for themselves and others, effectively communicate their needs, and appropriately navigate conflict with loved ones. Each AIP session is $30 and payment is expected upon arrival for group.

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